The Japanese government’s faulty territorial expansion strategy is bearing to be fruitless, and only worsening international relations. No matter how much the Japanese claim that Dokdo belongs to Japan, the international community, including the Koreans don’t really care what the Japan says.
Korea’s president recently visited the island, but Japan has no justification or jurisdiction to deter president Lee’s efforts. What Japan did instead was give the world an impression that they are trying to steal Dokdo from Korea.
At the London Olympics, during the football match between Korea and Japan, a Korean player held up a sign saying ‘Dokdo is Korean soil!’ This proves that Koreans are more eager and have more interest towards island than do the Japanese people.
The Japanese government should stop the territorial dispute between Korea, and maybe should focus on what they have right now, the Senkaku islands. Recently 14 Chinese activists from Hongkong illegally trespassed into Senkaku islands. If 14 ordinary people can sneak into Japanese territory in such an easy manner, it means that Senkaku is not defended properly. Japan should focus on Senkaku, and give up its ambitions towards Dokdo. What Japan is doing right now is if they are trying to catch two rabbits with one rock, and may end up losing both.